GameFi Industry

Acxyn is the next generation Web3 platform and liquidity protocol, that supercharges the ability of game creators to enter Web3 frictionlessly and access unique liquidity and revenue generation possibilities - helping game creators achieve sustainability and investability quickly. We achieve this through the valuation and tokenisation of intellectual property and intellectual property rights as well as a unique Proof-of-Fun emissions engine that maximises the yield game creators can earn from Web3.
Games entering Web3 need to re-think their business model from the ground up - crafting intricate and extensive tokenomics models, based on in-game player driven production loops as well as managing the on-chain liquidity and listings of assets in the hope of achieving stable equilibrium and a sustainable business model. For most game developers, this drastically increases the technological and economic barrier to enter Web3, and they lose out on the ability to maximise the value and benefits that Web3 can offer to game creators.
Acxyn is a technology agnostic platform, that allows every game to seamlessly become a Web3 game and benefit from Web3 liquidity and revenue opportunities - allowing game creators to focus on what they do best, which is to build exciting, engaging and fun games for their communities.