Tokenomics High-Level

The $ACX token, a fungible cryptocurrency, is generated through the innovative emissions algorithm. Similar to how Bitcoin is mined via the Proof-of-Work algorithm, the $ACX token is exclusively minable by games and game economies by utilizing the Acxyn protocol.
The entire Acxyn protocol functions by leveraging data that games create, utilising and valuing that data effectively. One such example is the application of machine learning and the GGV score to provide critical insights into the state of game economies. As such the $ACX token can be considered the underlying data token for the Acxyn ecosystem. As more and more players want to contribute to the Acxyn data mining program to get access to IP tokenisation, the $ACX token will be required to pay for services relating to the valuation and tokenisation of IP.
Our tokens can be used as:
  1. 1.
    Liquidity incentives.
  2. 2.
    Player Bribes.
  3. 3.
    To provide a liquidity denominator for in-game currencies.
  4. 4.
    To participate in Acxyn governance.
  5. 5.
    Pay for Acxyn fees.
The $ACX token will be available as the first means of monetisation for many game creators and is open to both Web2 and Web3 games. In essence game creators provide data and IP which generates a GGV score - the GGV score qualifies the game for $ACX rewards.
Through the GGV algorithm, developers can participate in Acxyns ecosystem by contributing game data, such as player engagement and in-app purchases, to the valuation framework. In return, they receive a transparent valuation score and rewards in Acxyn tokens for their participation. These tokens can be used as a form of in-game currency or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, providing developers with unique game monetization opportunities.
As such the GGV score effectively functions as the central bank of the ecosystem, managing the inflation of $ACX tokens. Governance over this algorithm and the economic engine is granted to $ACX token holders, allowing them to influence the coefficients within the algorithm.
Token holders can exercise their governance rights through the Acxyn ecosystem's command center, which acts as the PID controller, facilitating and implementing their decisions.

The Tokenised Index - $XYN

$XYN - is the tokenized representation of the Acxyn ecosystem treasury. It serves as the reserve currency that facilitates all liquidity operations within the protocol. The treasury sustains itself through a value-added-tax (VAT) model, taking a % royalty on the sales & licensing of assets within the ecosystem. The $XYN token can also be considered a liquidity and in-game assets Index This will be a very large encompassing basket of assets and locked liquidity from the platform.
Through the use and utility of a reserve currency, that denominates the liquidity of the Acxyn ecosystem - Acxyn will abstract the need for game creators to manage their own liquidity. All game tokens denominated in $XYN or $ACX will be able to tap into the same shared liquidity within the Acxyn index. Game creators will have the ability to bond game assets to the Acxyn index and in return participants will receive $XYN and a profit share in the protocol.
$XYN is periodically released to the ecosystem to facilitate open market liquidity operations, such as bonds and structured financial instruments. The open market operations are geared at enhancing liquidity and the economic firepower of the system, to be able to support more games and provide financing for various business development strategies.
The business model of Acxyn